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UBE Lip Flavor, an incredibly delicious flavor made from a purple yam grown in the Phillipines and did I say DELICIOUS flavor, Oh yes!! Like a combination of grape, vanilla & citrus. Other people have found more but that's what I find. And then there is Apple Strudel, bakery warm and appley delicious, and the quintessential Holiday ButterMint. Be the first one to try this Unique and tasty UBE flavor Oil.

We are pleased to bring in five new wonderful fragrances. LAFLEUR *type*, a heavenly white floral, BRANDYWINE, a to die for fragrance in anything you make, HERB GARDEN, fresh, clean and ultra herbal with it's blend of essential oils & fragrance oils, HONEY ALMOND, wow is all I say when I have inhaled the rich nutty, buttery, & sweet honey notes, and last, but certainly not least is the wonderful BLACK FIG & HONEY.. All you would expect from this exotic fragrance. We're not done, we are adding a lot more products and even some are here already but maybe a special sale would be in order... Hmmmm......


WE ARE GOING THROUGH AN UPGRADE NOW so if there are any issues completing an order, please get in touch with me and I will take your order via phone and get it through. I should not take more than 2-3 days at the most. I appreciate your patience but the checkout process should be much smoother. Thanks again, Suzy & Co. PS: We have some great new lip flavors (LOTS) that we will have on site when the upgrade is finished.

Cocktails are served, Lip Flavors that is. And some super yummy ones at that. KENTUCKY BOURBON, RUM AND COKE, COCA COLA TYPE, AND----More new ones coming soon and a luscious new sweetener. We have Sweet Tea and more *tease* on order. And for snack flavors, ButterMint, Pistachio and you know the rest. We're thinking about Cognac, what do you guys think. Special Requests welcome!

WE ARE STILL WORKING HARD TO GET ALL THE FREESHIPS OUT THE DOOR BUT I WANTED TO SAY THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING. We will be done by Tuesday at the latest. I do have another surprise, NO, not fragrance but I would really recommend our two new ones. The Black Cherry Merlot is my new favorite. Thanks again, Suz, etc.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and looking forward to our huge clearance sale. We started working on it yesterday and plan to finish this upcoming week. Our New Cherry Bomb fragrance has been shipped and our Cherry Almond is right behind it by 2 or 3 days. We are planning a fantastic sale at least once a month so do let me know if you want to sign up for our newsletter. Lots more changes coming. CHEERS TO ALL!!!!

SPRING IS ON THE WAY!! We have to trust that cute little Phil the Groundhog, therefore, it's true. We are busy testing new fruit and florals for spring. We have two in already just in and only 29 more to test and some very interesting fragrances for sure. Our new Cherry Bomb will be on site ASAP and a couple more. The sun is finally shining here and the snow is melting so we're celebrating and enjoying it.

SALE: SAPMOSS *Aveda Type*... While making a special request batch of soap with this amazing fragrance I love it so much that I thought a sale would be great, so, I purchased an extra container and it's at a great price while this container lasts. We describe it as deep bottom notes of musk, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar wood and vanilla, middle notes of lily, cyclamen and a touch of rose, top notes are a combination of florals and earthy scents. Pretty complex isn't it. It's normally $49.95 a pound but the sale is (are you ready) only $29.95 per pound. Enjoy, I know I do, it's a fantastic scent.

We have several new fragrances in and are waiting for more but I wanted to get these out right away. Rich Black Cherry, Cherry Bomb, Oakmoss & Amber, and others are amazing. I'm crazy about Oakmoss and Amber but then again the Cherry Bomb is all that and some more as well. I guess trying is believing so be sure to find your new favorites. We are working on a hemp fragrance now by popular request and a few more. Time for a clearance and we're working on that right now. As soon as we gather all the fragrances and other goodies we will announce the clearance. Time for lots of new things. I have more new items in stock and we have brought back our Natural Lip Balm Base and it's silky lip heaven. I will have it on site shortly. Stay Tuned.... Hope everyone is having a wonderful fun summer. Loves, Suzy

We brought in a huge amount in a HUGE container that we are walking around in the shop so we dropped the price TEN DOLLARS a pound. We will be having another sale as soon as I can get this container out of the shop and give us a bit more room. This is a personal care essential oil blend so you could easily make a gift set for the Outdoorsman. Soap, Lotion, Spray with our Cyclomethicone or IPM, cream, or even a lotion bar. That will be a great gift for the guy who would rather fish than fight mosquitos. As soon as that is gone, we have another sale lined up. Sign up at the bottom of our front page or under the best sellers on the right, there is a link to sign up for sale notices and newsletters. Don't let this one go, it's TEN DOLLARS OFF!!!

Not only did we sell the Bug Off we purchased for the sale, we actually used some of the shop supply. So, we are testing like crazy and have found a few new ones that meet out standards but we are planning "THE SALE" that some people wait for and I totally understand. We are working on some changes to the site so if there is a glitch, just reach out to me and I will work around it while the changes are being made. We're planning on the middle of the night to do the work so hopefully it won't happen. Thanks again to everyone who made this sale an amazing success. Suz & Friends
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