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UBE Lip Flavor, an incredibly delicious flavor made from a purple yam grown in the Phillipines and did I say DELICIOUS flavor, Oh yes!! Like a combination of grape, vanilla & citrus. Other people have found more but that's what I find. And then there is Apple Strudel, bakery warm and appley delicious, and the quintessential Holiday ButterMint. Be the first one to try this Unique and tasty UBE flavor Oil.

We are pleased to bring in five new wonderful fragrances. LAFLEUR *type*, a heavenly white floral, BRANDYWINE, a to die for fragrance in anything you make, HERB GARDEN, fresh, clean and ultra herbal with it's blend of essential oils & fragrance oils, HONEY ALMOND, wow is all I say when I have inhaled the rich nutty, buttery, & sweet honey notes, and last, but certainly not least is the wonderful BLACK FIG & HONEY.. All you would expect from this exotic fragrance. We're not done, we are adding a lot more products and even some are here already but maybe a special sale would be in order... Hmmmm......

Cocktails are served, Lip Flavors that is. And some super yummy ones at that. KENTUCKY BOURBON, RUM AND COKE, COCA COLA TYPE, AND----More new ones coming soon and a luscious new sweetener. We have Sweet Tea and more *tease* on order. And for snack flavors, ButterMint, Pistachio and you know the rest. We're thinking about Cognac, what do you guys think. Special Requests welcome!

We are introducing TWELVE new lip flavors, how does our version of Kentucky Fried Chicken *type* sound? Maybe a Snickers *type Bar, perhaps KitKat type. That's only a FEW AND WE ARE TESTING 4-5 MORE. AND, there are several new fragrances. I will be spending between now and the end of the weekend adding them to our site. We are looking for a new site as well. And we are adding a category that we are sure you will find "Simply Irresistible" I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer. Here in Oregon we're roasting so "stay cool" and check back after this weekend (hopefully before)
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