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UBE Lip Flavor, an incredibly delicious flavor made from a purple yam grown in the Phillipines and did I say DELICIOUS flavor, Oh yes!! Like a combination of grape, vanilla & citrus. Other people have found more but that's what I find. And then there is Apple Strudel, bakery warm and appley delicious, and the quintessential Holiday ButterMint. Be the first one to try this Unique and tasty UBE flavor Oil.

We are pleased to bring in five new wonderful fragrances. LAFLEUR *type*, a heavenly white floral, BRANDYWINE, a to die for fragrance in anything you make, HERB GARDEN, fresh, clean and ultra herbal with it's blend of essential oils & fragrance oils, HONEY ALMOND, wow is all I say when I have inhaled the rich nutty, buttery, & sweet honey notes, and last, but certainly not least is the wonderful BLACK FIG & HONEY.. All you would expect from this exotic fragrance. We're not done, we are adding a lot more products and even some are here already but maybe a special sale would be in order... Hmmmm......

Cocktails are served, Lip Flavors that is. And some super yummy ones at that. KENTUCKY BOURBON, RUM AND COKE, COCA COLA TYPE, AND----More new ones coming soon and a luscious new sweetener. We have Sweet Tea and more *tease* on order. And for snack flavors, ButterMint, Pistachio and you know the rest. We're thinking about Cognac, what do you guys think. Special Requests welcome!

We are introducing TWELVE new lip flavors, how does our version of Kentucky Fried Chicken *type* sound? Maybe a Snickers *type Bar, perhaps KitKat type. That's only a FEW AND WE ARE TESTING 4-5 MORE. AND, there are several new fragrances. I will be spending between now and the end of the weekend adding them to our site. We are looking for a new site as well. And we are adding a category that we are sure you will find "Simply Irresistible" I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer. Here in Oregon we're roasting so "stay cool" and check back after this weekend (hopefully before)

We finally have our "can't be beat" Mysore Sandalwood Fragrance oil back in stock. We are still waiting for others but little by little they are coming back in stock. But that one, being one of our top 3, if not THE #1 top was difficulty to wait for but it's here. I'm getting the backorders out today and will finish tomorrow since I'm running out of time but at least it's here. Thank all of you who waited so patiently, I appreciate each and every one of you. Suzy

We are aware that Paypal has some issues at the moment and we have some fantastic IT people on it. The anticipate it being restored to normal within 24 hours. I apologize for the inconvenience, I will let everyone know the moment they tell me it's good to go. Thanks for your patience, Suz, etc.

OUR RICH DEEP COLUMBIAN COFFEE IS BACK, by popular demand. I had so much fun with it as is, or blended with any number of things, Non Discoloring vanilla swirl since the coffee turns brown, even any of our cherry flavors, just play and enjoy. We have so many on order that we are able to get back in our lineup that I'm so thankful we have a fantastic perfumer, he's amazing. Mistletoe is returning for the season, and even more surprises. HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS AS WELL AS MISTLETOE is coming back as well. Both of those are on order so it will be up to 2 weeks but SO worth it.

SWEET VANILLA MUSK is our newest "must have".. It's sweet, sexy, and absolutely luscious. We're putting little samples in orders now so you can see for yourself.

We will be closed from 12/25/21 until Monday, January 3rd, 2022 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Orders placed by 2/25 will be shipped during this time.

OUR ABSOLUTELY AWESOME OAKMOSS IS COMING BACK. We are lucky enough that the company has found the missing ingredient and we are now able to return it to stock. It should arrive in approximately 2-3 weeks from today which would be mid February. And I can put up all of our new lip flavors as well when our restock comes pouring in. I can't wait, exciting stuff coming. Suzy

Our one of a kind Absolutely Awesome Oakmoss is back. We will be putting all the new lip flavors on the site in the next few days and the new fragrances... Wicked Good Berry, Black Velvet Spice (totally unisex) and a couple more. Keep an eye open for them.

We have only put up a few of our new lip flavors on the front page because there were too many to fit in the space allowed so be sure to check out the lip flavors and I'll bet you find a lot more. Have Fun!

THE QUEEN OF FLORALS HAS RETURNED. Our Tuberose Supreme is back. Our ladies in the tropics have tried it and approved with flying colors. It's even better than the one we had before. Long live the Queen.

Our new Tuberose is getting rave reviews so we went a little tropical. If you haven't tried Hana Rain, it's amazing and Luau, it's floral, greenery, everything but the beach is in this fabulous fragrance. We have other new ones so take a look and see for yourself, you will be surprised. And we have more to test asap. Aloha
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