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UBE Lip Flavor, an incredibly delicious flavor made from a purple yam grown in the Phillipines and did I say DELICIOUS flavor, Oh yes!! Like a combination of grape, vanilla & citrus. Other people have found more but that's what I find. And then there is Apple Strudel, bakery warm and appley delicious, and the quintessential Holiday ButterMint. Be the first one to try this Unique and tasty UBE flavor Oil.

We are pleased to bring in five new wonderful fragrances. LAFLEUR *type*, a heavenly white floral, BRANDYWINE, a to die for fragrance in anything you make, HERB GARDEN, fresh, clean and ultra herbal with it's blend of essential oils & fragrance oils, HONEY ALMOND, wow is all I say when I have inhaled the rich nutty, buttery, & sweet honey notes, and last, but certainly not least is the wonderful BLACK FIG & HONEY.. All you would expect from this exotic fragrance. We're not done, we are adding a lot more products and even some are here already but maybe a special sale would be in order... Hmmmm......

Cocktails are served, Lip Flavors that is. And some super yummy ones at that. KENTUCKY BOURBON, RUM AND COKE, COCA COLA TYPE, AND----More new ones coming soon and a luscious new sweetener. We have Sweet Tea and more *tease* on order. And for snack flavors, ButterMint, Pistachio and you know the rest. We're thinking about Cognac, what do you guys think. Special Requests welcome!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and looking forward to our huge clearance sale. We started working on it yesterday and plan to finish this upcoming week. Our New Cherry Bomb fragrance has been shipped and our Cherry Almond is right behind it by 2 or 3 days. We are planning a fantastic sale at least once a month so do let me know if you want to sign up for our newsletter. Lots more changes coming. CHEERS TO ALL!!!!

SPRING IS ON THE WAY!! We have to trust that cute little Phil the Groundhog, therefore, it's true. We are busy testing new fruit and florals for spring. We have two in already just in and only 29 more to test and some very interesting fragrances for sure. Our new Cherry Bomb will be on site ASAP and a couple more. The sun is finally shining here and the snow is melting so we're celebrating and enjoying it.

I want to thank our loyal customers and wish everyone a fantastic Thanksgiving with love and laughter and family. We will be closed Thursday and Friday is reserved for something special so I will post then what it is. I'm sure everyone will like it. Blessings to all, Suz & Friends

Due to the high volume of orders we are running approximately 3 to 4 day in processing. My apologies for the delay, we are working hard to keep up. Thanks for being so nice about this issue. Susan, etc.

I have recently discovered that USPS is not an option in the cart. Don't worry, I realize that FedEx is much higher but I will spend every evening refunding the difference if we can ship the order by USPS. Sorry for the inconvenience but I have notified our web person and he's great at fixing it so hopefully very soon it will be back to normal. My apologies, Suz

The shopping cart has been fixed and is now offering (again) USPS as an option. Thank all of you for your patience, I am STILL processing excess postage refunds and should be done within the next 24 hours. NOW, time to have a sale and add the new products on site. I just received one of our most popular fragrances and that will be our sale now that we are going good again. Mysore Sandalwood!! Best you can find anywhere. I will finish processing refunds and we'll get going on the sale.

I wanted to be sure to thank everyone who inquired about our safety. We were somewhat close to the fires but did not get evacuated, only on standby. My daughter was evacuated 3 times but is fine and her house is fine. My son was at the Ocean so he was very safe with his family. The smoke was bad and still is but getting better daily thankfully. We are urged to stay inside but can't do that when the groceries get low. We have been working in the shop and staying safe and doing what we can to get orders out. I apologize for the delay, that is not like us, we take pride in customer service but we are very limited in our activities. But... we are back up and getting orders out asap at this point. Thanks everyone for understanding and your incredible patience. You are the best!!! Suz & our people.

First I want to update everyone on the long overdue Mysore Sandalwood. I've been tracking it after it was finally shipped and it will be here Thursday, November 12th, YEAAAA, finally. NOW: We have several new LIP FLAVORS, we have a Mango Dragonfruit lip flavor to match our Mango Dragonfruit Fragrance, a Honey Creme that is just lush, an Apple Strudel that is incredibly yummy and a crispy Red Apple. Even more good news, our Cherokee is back, the company finally got the raw materials to make it for us again. We also have a new Huckleberry Patch that will be on the site within 24 hours as well as a new Spice that will be arriving in the next few days. There is more but I'll get to it when it arrives in our shop. We have to hold back a little something. Happy almost Thanksgiving!!!!!

OUR FAMOUS MYSORE SANDALWOOD FRAGRANCE IS BACK. *WHEW*.... We worked all day getting out all the back orders so if somehow we have missed someone, please let me know right away. We also have a new SnowFire Rose. It's probably one of the best Rose fragrances we have, it has a tiny touch of musk. Absolutely Fabulous! We have Cherokee back at long last, also, White Pumpkin Spice *type* for the holidays and this upcoming week we will have a new, very different Spice Fragrance. AND, a few other things. Our clearance sale will be after Christmas and we are doing some serious rearranging, adding and ??? Well, you will know soon.

Our thanksgiving hours are as of noon today we will be closed until Monday morning at 9AM and will have several sales. Keeping this short and sweet, we at Oregon Trail wish everyone the best Thanksgiving ever. It's been quite a year and we deserve a bit of downtime to relax and enjoy our families and friends. Best to all. PS. We have a new lip flavor coming with our restock order on the 3rd or 4th "Kandy Korn". A year round treat. With that, Enjoy, Relax & have a fantastic day. Suz, & the compadres.

We will be closed: December 24 & 25 December 31 January 1 We will have limited hours December 28-30 Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Joyous Kwanzaa, and any celebration I may have missed, I wish you all the very best holiday. Suz, Dee, RJ, JB, Nikki, Fraze, et al. Love you guys and I appreciate the loyalty to our small family business. *Bringing you the best* Susan

At the present time we are approximately 2-5 days out in shipping. We love all of you for the orders and even more for your patience. We hope to be caught up by this weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience but we are working hard to get product out asap. Suz & Friends

I apologize for the delays that this weather has caused, we received some of our restock fragrances yesterday, 3/1 and are expecting a large quantity today. Thank all of you for your patience, you guys are the best. Susan
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