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Sunkissed Currants Fragrance Oil

Sunkissed Currants Fragrance Oil

The sweet tart currants kissed by the summer sun is the first note you notice. Then you realize it's much more than that, there is a blend of berries, with lightly tart notes of fine Cognac in the background that pops it out amazingly. This tantalizing blend only smells so good you'll think you're in heaven. We also noticed that after the first 3-5 days, the scent blooms and really becomes something even more incredible if that's possible. Crèmes, lotions, this is a fragrance that you would only find in high-end shops. No acceleration, soap stays pale off-white.

Soap Performance:  Excellent. No discoloration or acceleration.
Candle: Ok

INCI: Fragrance

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