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Sapphire Blue Crystal Colorant

Sapphire Blue Crystal Colorant

These are very highly concentrated colors formulated especially for Melt & Pour soap making for incredible color! They are perfect for cold process soaps, too, as well as creams, lotions, gels, moisturizers, glitter gels, shampoo, and many more applications. You can mix them beautifully with pearlescent micas for a spectacular effect. The colors themselves can be blended to make an infinite number of different colors, let your imagination go wild. 

NOTE: Sapphire can be used in Cold Process soapmaking, but it will turn a very bright purple. Use a light touch for a gorgeous purpls and prepare your base with a little Titanium Dioxide to keep it true and not gray, as purple is prone to turn gray without proper preparation due to the underlying yellow in the oils. 

NEWLY REFORMULATED TO BE MUCH STRONGER so take care to use much less.


Eye Safe: Yes
Soap: Okay
Cosmetics: Yes


Price: $2.95
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