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Ol' South Pumpkin Pie Fragrance Oil

Ol' South Pumpkin Pie Fragrance Oil

Our long-time customers will notice that it took us a while to carry a pumpkin fragrance. That's because we wanted to carry a *pumpkin* fragrance, not another spice fragrance. This one is so perfect I knew it the moment I smelled it in the bottle. It reminds me of when I was little and my grandma used to bake pumpkin pies during the holidays. Ummm, out-of-this-world-good and full of warm pumpkin scent. The spice is secondary. Best of all, no color necessary, it turns a beautiful golden pumpkin color. It did not accelerate in our test batch but it did gel. The scent filled the house and it was heavenly. We strongly recommend no more than .5 per pound--HONEST!!.

Soap Performance:  Colors a pumpkin color. No acceleration but does gel.
Candle: Yes per manufacturer, +soy

INCI: Fragrance

**NOTE: While all of our fragrances are thoroughly tested for CP, M&P and all are skin safe, we discourage the use of spicy fragrances such as Pumpkin Pie in leave-on products like creams and body butters as they can be a sensitizer for some people just as spicy essential oils can, as many are made with EO/FO combinations.


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