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Mysore Sandalwood Fragrance Oil

Mysore Sandalwood Fragrance Oil

The sandalwood tree, Santalum album, is a fragrant heartwood species native to India where its highly-scented wood and oil has been used for centuries. It is among the oldest materials used in perfumery. There are other sandalwood species native from Indonesia, Australia and the South Pacific used for perfumery, however, their fragrant components are completely different from that of the Indian Sandalwood and are considered of inferior quality in comparison. The finest grade of Indian Sandalwood oil comes from the ancient kingdom of Mysore. Such majestic sandalwood essential oil is very rare and expensive and the price is increasing tremendously. It takes from thirty to sixty years for a tree to fully mature so it can be cut and distilled. Due to its over-harvesting, the tree is now endangered and considered a protected species and the Indian government is placing strict regulations on its production and export. .

In our effort to protect the Indian sandalwood trees, we found a version that is as close as you can get to the scent of natural Mysore Sandalwood. Its amazing woody heart is unlike any synthetic sandalwood we tested with wonderful oriental hints and the incredible warm and almost-musky depth of sandalwood we absolutely love. The scent lasts and lasts and it holds and behaves perfectly in cold process soap, making a pure white soap bar. No need fix this one with other oils trying to get better scented sandalwood! This description simply doesn't do justice to how amazing this fragrance really is. 

Soap Performance: Excellent
Candle: Ok
Phthalate Free

INCI: Fragrance


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