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Herb Garden Fragrance Oil

Herb Garden Fragrance Oil

 This crisp and cool fragrance is exactly like a fresh-picked-herbs-from-the-garden. Fresh and Fragrant. Herbaceous but with light touches with those invariable wildflowers that grow here and there in the herb garden and these add a lovely background light floral note that rounds out the fragrance.. When tested at .5 per pound, it held in CP beautifully and did not discolor. Obviously, the perfect fragrance. Use cucumber puree for part of the water to add that visual "herbal look" and you have a perfectly elegant soap. Fabulous in leave on body products and as a blender, absolutely awesome.

Flashpoint: 210°F
Soap Performance: Excellent
Candle: Excellent
Phthalate Free    

INCI:  Fragrance

Price: $4.95
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Danielle Forrester
    Soaped with this last night. I keep getting up, walking over, sniffing the soap, marveling a little, going to sit back down and trying to figure out WHAT I'm smelling in this one that's so remarkable. I think a big part of it is that this is the first "green" scent I've ever smelled that isn't, in some way, a little "piercing." It's definitely an herbaceous scent, with a tiny bit of floral, but there's also this itty bitty base of something almost buttery and soft, that's not quite vanilla, nothing like powder, and not fruity. It's just gorgeous, soft and light , and complex without being complicated.
    Noted no acceleration or misbehavior on my recipe, which is also nice (I mix the fragrance into my oils and stir well before adding the lye, for note.) Will buy again.