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Harvest Moon Fragrance Oil

Harvest Moon Fragrance Oil

This fragrance evokes the idea of being snuggled in a blanket in in front of a fire on a snowy winter evening. It has relaxing notes of Spiced Cinnamon, Orange, Clove with Sweet Vanilla and a touch of almond. It even has Essential oils Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Orange Oil, Clove Leaf and Almond oil. It discolors to a light nutmeg-tan color and it seems perfect for the fragrance. It's as if it knows exactly how it should look. And the scent....Heavenly.

Soap Performance: Slight Acceleration
Candle: Yes
INCI: Fragrance

HINT: Reserve a few ounces of your liquid oil to add to the Fragrance Oil to reduce acceleration, stir in by hand as well.


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