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Egyptian Musk Fragrance Oil

Egyptian Musk Fragrance Oil

Warm, sensual and very calming, this multi-faceted scent is the basis of many classic perfumes of the 20th Century. Rich and full-bodied, it is a mysterious and haunting fragrance that is wonderful alone or can be blended using various florals and spice notes. You will imagine Cleopatra, herself, wearing this regal fragrance. It is often used to assist your focus on the spiritual side of life. Others may claim to have the best, but that is just a claim, we really do have the best. And one last note, no fade here in CP, the longer this scent cures, the more beautiful the fragrance. The best musk on the planet and you can actually afford it!

Flashpoint: 205°F
Soap Performance: Excellent
Candle: Yes
Phthalate Free

INCI:  Fragrance


Price: $5.95
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