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D & C Green No. 5

D & C Green No. 5

D&C Green No. 5

We just love this delightful color reminiscent of a rich, tropical ocean - and think you will, too!

One caution. A tiny bit of color will go a very long way so keep that in mind when using these colors and add them by drops. They are water soluble and if you store them in a snap top container, add a drop of preservative or store them in the refrigerator, there is virtually no waste. You can also mix them in a small plastic bag with a bit of glycerin and reseal the bag when you are done for use later on. This is an easy way to mix them as well. One last thought is to make a color chip, or disk by mixing the color quite concentrated in a bit of clear melt & pour base and store in a plastic Ziploc bag for use whenever you choose.

Size: 1 Ounce

Eye Safe: Yes
Soap: Yes
Cosmetics: Yes

INCI: Green No. 5


Price: $15.95