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 Cyclomethicone is perhaps one of the most versatile silicones as a base. It is completely clear, odorless and extremely light.
- Excellent as a carrier for fragrance oils to make sprays or perfume rolettes; even add a little glitter for that special effect. Add it by drops to perfumes as a very little bit will go quite far.
- Excellent to mix with bath salts to add emollience and sheen and no bathtub ring.
- Wonderful for body sprays, bath oil and works especially well in hair care products. Reduce dry hair or frizziness immediately with one application. Spray on wet hair for an easy comb out adding sheen and control.

Cyclomethicone evaporates quickly leaving it a virtually dry oil. No need to shake it, preparations stay evenly mixed without shaking. In lotions, we recommend from 1%-15% and you will never make another lotion without it. As a linen spray; no wet linens.
Try a Lavender Essential Oil Linen Spray for a relaxing nights sleep.

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INCI: Cyclomethicone


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