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Confederate Jasmine Fragrance Oil

Confederate Jasmine Fragrance Oil

The mere mention of jasmine evokes thoughts of warm, Southern summer nights and its ethereal scent floating gently in the air to the sound of violins while Southern belles dance the night away with their beaus and clandestine lovers meet in the gazebo. This fragrance is dedicated to those days gone by. This is the long-awaited Signature Scent for Oregon Trail so it had to be that special and we did not disappoint.  This lovely fragrance is comprised of top notes of apricot-scented osmanthus and crystalline white floral notes of Star Jasmine. a heart of subtle prairie grasses and night blooming tobacco flower pull it together, coaxing it  gently into a base of sensual white musk, light peppery notes, incense and soft woods. It is truly pure fragrance perfection and it even soaps to a creamy white with little to no acceleration, giving you plenty of time to swirl or color as you wish.

Flashpoint: 200+°F
Soap Performance: Excellent
Candle: Yes
Phthalate Free

INCI:  Fragrance

Price: $7.95
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