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Caramel Flan Lip Balm Flavor

Caramel Flan Lip Balm Flavor

A Classic Mexican dessert made with rich, warm creamy custard and topped with a warm caramel top. Our rendition is pure perfection. A great holiday flavor for kiss under the mistletoe.

Size:  2 ounce bottle

INCI:  Flavor


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Customer Reviews

  • Author: C.G.
    I absolutely hate leaving negative reviews for anything, I try really hard to see the best in everything. However, I feel compelled to share my experience with this flavoring. Upon receiving it I opened it and gave it a sniff. I thought it smelled pretty bad. Like a rotten or spoiled caramel milkshake. Thinking it might be better diluted and in a product I went ahead and made a batch of lip balm using this flavor. It was horrific. The smell exploded and permeated the entire laboratory with a rancid caramel milkshake smell. All three people in the lab began feeling queasy and even began to dry heave it was so bad. We had to leave the workspace and air it out for quite some time before we could clean up the ruined lip balm and resume our work. I don't know if I just got a bad bottle or if this flavoring just isn't good but what I got was un useable and went directly into the trash. It was very surprising as every other flavoring I have gotten from Oregon Trail has been delicious.