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Bonsai Fragrance Oil

Bonsai Fragrance Oil

The very essence of sophistication, this complex fragrance is ultimately unisex. It has a decidedly crisp air about it with its notes of Citrus, Woods and a kiss of Floral making it haunting, relaxing and refreshing all at the same time. It behaves perfectly and leaves your soap completely non-discolored. On a final note, this is a scent that you should use at .5 or less; holds perfectly. This one is definitely here to stay!  

Flashpoint: 200+°F
Soap Performance:  Excellent
Candle: Yes
Phthalate Free

INCI:  Fragrance


Price: $6.95
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Katie VanBlaricum
    Very nice; not sure how to describe it, but kind of a green/woodsy man-smell that's really good for both sexes. My husband and I really like it.
  • Author: Sarah St Claire
    Does accelerate some, need to blend to emulsion only and work quick. Starts a green color but don't panic, it turns back to creamy white next day. I love this scent, my husband does too and he's picky. It's a fresh clean juniper type scent that we feel is unsex, very refreshing. Will order more, just keep in mind the accel for swirls.
  • Author: Danielle Forrester
    My house is torn on this; my husband thought it smelled like household cleaner while in the mold (I agree) but the next day it had mellowed. It smells a little bit like good laundry soap, a little bit like a fancy hotel, a lot like a guy who just showered. I really wish more of the notes were listed; I'm not great at picking them out and since I sell online, if my clients can't get a goid idea of what it smells like, they'll pick something else. Iff I had to guess, I'd call it "Juniper and Lime," but I know there are other notes in there. I used .4oz/ppo, and that was still extreme; I'll do .3 if I do it again.