Satsuma *type* Fragrance Oil

Satsuma *type*


Description: Satsuma, the mood lifter. This zesty, vibrant, loaded-with-personality fragrance is sheer perfection for people who love citrusy fragrances but... it doesn't stop there, it is a tangerine-mandarin-orange-citrus blend with notes of bergamot & grapefruit. Even that was not enough to make this fragrance perfect. It needed a little more... so the creator added musk, peach, oakmoss, raspberry, many tropical fruits and more. It's deep and rich; which is unusual for a citrus - so trying is believing. My suggestion.... "try and believe"! Oh, and body butter made with this... to die for! Leave-on products really rock with Satsuma. Also, I have found that MEN just love this scent.

Candle: Very Good
Flashpoint: 200

2 ounces - Price: $4.95 Qty.
4 ounces - Price: $8.95 Qty.
8 ounces - Price: $15.95 Qty.
1 pound - Price: $28.75 Qty.

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